The Big Ask

The Big Ask is the first fundraising campaign for


It is triggered by a desperate situation.

The spiritual state of our country is rapidly deteriorating. Fewer people are reading the Bible, following Christ, or attending Church. And the trend is downward. This is especially true among young people. Satan is massacring our millennials. Statistics aside, the obvious trends are increasing political polarization, heightened racial tension, and the morphing of gender identities. Additionally, there is the doomsday warning present in every generation: a fear of destroying the planet if certain precautions aren’t followed. In the past, our society worried about overpopulation, followed by global cooling, and then global warming (or the more politically correct—climate change). Throw in a global pandemic, and it’s no wonder unbelievers are fearful, confused, and cynical.

It is driven by a great need. 

Many Christians know they are commanded to make disciples, but few are fulfilling this command. The reason is simple: they don’t know how. exists for that very reason: to show ordinary Christians how to become Great Commission Christians and make disciples of all nations. We do this through a simple five step process. These steps teach Christians how to read, study, teach the Bible, and train others to do the same. Finally, it shows Christians how to naturally and easily talk with others about the Bible.

It is empowered by a transforming resource. 

You already know that reading the Bible is a life changing experience. You have been comforted, renewed, and encouraged by the Scriptures. The Holy Spirit uses the words of the Bible to radically deliver people from unbelief to belief and transition them from new believers to multiplying followers of Christ. The ultimate goal of the Big Ask is to engage people in reading, studying and teaching the Bible so they can experience its transforming power. Matthew 4:4Romans 1:16Hebrews 4:121 Thessalonians 2:132 Timothy 3:15-17

It is fueled by our humble invitation and your generous response.

The goal of the Big Ask is to raise $30,000.

Your donation will be used for the following purposes:


Create powerful ad campaigns on high volume social media platforms.

The number of people that can be reached through social media is limitless, because everyone, everywhere is online on their devices. The ads would draw Christians worldwide to the website where they would learn how to make disciples through the simple step process mentioned above. 

The ads would target the following groups: English speaking Christians living in countries that are closed to the gospel, but who are looking for someone to show them how to make disciples. American Christians who want to know how to fulfill the Great Commission by helping those around them read, study and teach the Bible. And pastors and church leaders who are looking for practical tools to equip their people make disciples of all nations.​

Produce video content to boost the written content. 

Most older people prefer to learn by reading words, but most young people prefer to learn by viewing a video. To that end, we want to produce short, attractive videos that complement the written information already available. We are partnering with CAP Collective video production to bring that about. This is a crucial step in maximizing the impact of

Redesign the website.

The time has come to turn over the design and development to professionals. We have retained the services of Sharp Innovations, an excellent Christian production company. They will create a striking website design, develop new interactive features, and facilitate social media advertising.

Among the new features would be forums; places where people can gather online to ask questions, share stories, contribute content, and seek advice. A place where the curious can meet the convinced. Where those open to being discipled can meet those wanting to make disciples. We want to see the website transition from being an informational site to becoming an interactive site. We envision being THE online location for anyone wanting to know how to make disciples of all nations.

You’re looking at a preview of what our new site vision is, check out our home page for more!

We invite you to partner with us through a prayerful, generous donation.

Your gift will equip Christians from all over the world to make disciples of all nations.

Thank you.
​Bob Niemond 


​All donations are tax deductible. is a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization.